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About me

Hello, I am Kevin Schulz and 33 years old. Already during my school time I laid the foundation for my career as a designer through my education as a product design assistant. At the University of Applied Sciences in Schwaebisch Gmuend, the subject of interaction design was brought closer to me and I was immediately hooked. Consequently I decided to take a new direction and acquired a large part of my creative skills. After successfully completing my bachelor's degree, I decided to deepen my methodical-analytical skills as well as my planning and scientific knowledge with the master's degree in "Strategic Design". This decision was particularly important for me in order to be able to deal more specifically with complex problems in individual design projects and to generate ideal user-centered solutions.

During my internship semester at the UX/UI department of Robert Bosch GmbH in Leonberg, I gained a significant experience. This opened up another area of interest for me, user testing.


After completing my master's degree, I decided to travel to several countries around the world, as I had seen little of the world until then and wanted to satisfy my cultural longing. I was drawn from Southeast Asia to Oceania. During this time I strengthened my intercultural relations, learned to improvise and practiced my negotiating skills when it came to buying cheap tickets for the Goteik Viaduct in Myanmar. 


Even before my journey as a Swabian it was clear to me that I would return to my roots and so to my family. 

Since my arrival in Germany I have been following my interests, sports, chess, automobiles, innovative technologies and sneakers.

For my new stage of life I am drawn to the state capital Stuttgart, where I am looking forward to challenging projects!



On this website you will find the most relevant projects for me which i did during my studies.


Startup Godspeed, EnBW Stuttgart.

Developing a clear vision for your own startup, for the support scaling phases and business alignment, Development of a fact-based, human-centered and scalable business model, Implementation of customer/user interviews and development

of knowledge in order to obtain a profound understanding of the customer, Preparation of a market and competition analysis, awareness for the risk management and problem solving, Identification on product-market fit with the help of experiments by means of an MVP/prototype through testing on the market, Identification of first distribution channels and strategies for a

successful market entry, Developing a financial plan for the control of

costs and turnover, presentation technique and execution of a final presentation to investors

Research Assistant, Fraunhofer IAO.

Conception of interactive systems, usability engineering and software ergonomics,

Creating project documentations & project presentations,

Creating user interfaces, innovation development with Design Thinking

Collecting insightful findings in production facilities, user research, evaluation within the framework of user-centered design methods, 

Creating interaction prototypes for user tests and for demonstration purposes, taking into account ethical aspects of human-technology interaction

UI/UX design intern, Robert Bosch Leonberg.

Creating interaction concepts, screen designs, motion designs,

Creating interaction prototypes for user tests and for demonstration purposes, support of user research and user tests and their evaluation within the framework of user-centered design methods,

Creating project documentations, video documentation and project presentations,

Create 3D Mockups​

May 2019 – Sep. 2019
Sep. 2012 – March 2013
Jan. 2014 – July 2014

Here you can download my complete curriculum vitae.

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