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Comp - Digital User Manual 2.0


Fraunhofer IAO 

Bachelor thesis 2013/2014

Denis Bloemer

Timm Kässer

Kevin Schulz

With regard to the optimization of productivity within a company, the transfer of knowledge on machine operation is becoming increasingly relevant.


"Comp" is the basis for an interactive user manual, the content of which is generated by employees and used to repair the equipment. Thus, it can always be updated and expanded. Important information about the machines is to be stored, which accumulates over time as they are used. An employee should be motivated to make high quality contributions.

With his knowledge, he can help the other workers to correct errors. With the help of a gamification approach, the employees should be encouraged to independently provide information for troubleshooting the system. In this way, the employee makes an important contribution to the progress and process of production.

In this way, expenses can be saved directly and a smoother workflow can be guaranteed. Interpersonal hurdles are to be overcome, which on the one hand increases cooperation and on the other hand improves the working atmosphere. The platform with the working title "Comp - Digital User Manual 2.0" makes all this possible.

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Reperaturanleitung 1 EN.png
Reperaturanleitung 2 EN.png
Reperaturanleitung 5 EN.png
Reperaturanleitung 6 EN.png
Reperaturanleitung 3 EN.png
Reperaturanleitung 4 EN.png
Mein Role.png

Moderation of the methodical procedure

Creation of questionnaires


Conception of the information architecture

Sketching wireframes

Prepare test set

Structure of user testing

Network building

Current worker responsibilities do not permit the product

Create fully functional prototypes

User test with system operator

Error identification

Optimization of existing errors

Market launch

Digital recordings in production facilities

only with special permission

Regulations in companies influence your own work process

Methodical approach 

Qualitative survey

At the beginning of the project, the status quo of the TRW in Alfdorf had to be clarified. For this purpose, an appointment was made to talk to an employee. In doing so, the main focus was on the key questions defined beforehand. The employee explained the production line and referred to the associated problems.

Top Findings.png
Oppurtunity Areas.png
Interaktions Prototyp EN.png

After visiting TRW in Alfdorf, all collected information was processed and the ten most important findings were transferred into the

so-called Top Findings. These gave us 

insights about existing problems, possible preferences of the workers or even internal knowledge.

Top findings

Opportunity areas

Based on the summarized Top Findings, the current situation at the production site had to be improved and solutions had to be found. For this purpose, questions were posed which focused on the "how" of the problem solution and thus contributed to exciting solution approaches. 


In order to get a feeling for how the relations of

the storyboard sequences look holistic, it was necessary to create screenflows. All screens

were listed and connection paths were added.

Like this deficits could be clarified and

obscurities optimized.

During the transition from wireframes to final

product it's not only about the pure design but

also about the individual transitions and thus

about the behavior of the system. With the help

of a html based click dummy, all user

interactions were attempted to provide a overall concept and to meet the expectations of the user.

Interaction dummy


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